The Dornava municipality is located in north-eastern Slovenia. The munici-pality consists of 12 villages. Two set-tlements (Dornava and Mezgovci ob Pesnici) lie on the Ptujsko polje, while the rest (Bratislavci, Brezovci, Lasigovci, Polenci, Polenšak, Prerad, Slomi, Strejaci, Strmec pri Polenšaku and Žamenci) occupy the hills of Slovenske gorice. The area of the municipality is over 24 km2; with approximately 2750 inhabitants. There is a crossroads with routes to Ptuj, Mogkanjci, Borovci, Pesniška dolina and Slovenske gorice. Dornava municipality is predominantly agricultural, with arable farming prevailing on flat land and cattle kept on the hills. In the Dornava and Mezgovci settlements entrepreneurship and trade have beendeveloped.

In 1937 the municipality had 1424 inhabitants, 285 houses, 210 pieces of land, and 69 cottages. Its size was 1499 hectares. The municipality included the predominantly flat part along the Pesnica stream at its entry to the Ptujsko polje. The stream drove several mills. The municipality consisted of the following villages: Dornava, Mezgovci, Pacinje and Spodnji Velovlek, which were widely dispersed, enclosed, partially nucleated roadside villages with big farms. The main economic activities were crop farming and cattle farming.