The Municipality of Jurginci was established in December 1994, when 13 settlements were joined: Bodkovci, Dragovič, Gabrnik, Gradiščak, Grlinci, Hlaponci, Juršinci, Kukava, Mostje, Rotman, Sakušak, Senčak pri Juršincih and Zagorci. The area of the present mu-nicipality includes a part of the wine-growing hills of Slovenske Gorice on both sides of the Ptuj-Juršinci-Gornja Radgona road and a part of Pesnica Valley. It covers 3625 hectares. The mu¬nicipality has 2377 inhabitants, who engage in wine-growing, fruit farming, cattle farming, arable farming and reed production. The municipality is best known for the last of these. In 1905 the first Reed Production Cooperative was established in Lowerare exported to the neighbouring coun-tries, as well as Russia, Ukraine and similar.

The Municipality of Jurginci was de-signed already in 1937, but at the time it was called the Municipality of Sv. Lovrenc v Slovenskih goricah. It includ-ed the following settlements: Bodkovci, Dragovič, Gabrnik, Gradošak, Grlinci, Hlapovci, Juršinci, Kukava, Rotman, Sakušak, Senčak and Zagorci. On an area of 3370 hectares there lived 2518 inhabitants, who engaged in crop farming, cattle farming and also wine-growing and beekeeping.