Along the Ptuj-Lenart v Slovenskih goricah road, a road branches off to Drbetinci, and there developed a set-tlement of urbanized appearance next to the parish church. This is the former St. Bolfenk in Slovenske gorice, which is now the name of the parish. Since 1999 Trnovska vas has been a munici-pality which includes seven villages: Biš, Bišečki Vrh, Črmlja, Lošič, Sovjak, Trnovska vas and Trnovski Vrh. The size of the municipality is 22.4 km2 and there live 1322 inhabitants. Each settlement is also a village community where village committees operate. In the area of economic activities, agriculture is in the foreground.

The area of Trnovska vas was settled already in the pre-Roman period. From late Antique there are burial moulds, located in the nearby forest in the centre of Pesnica Valley. Excavations of burial moulds started in the twentieth century; in 1962 a cremation grave with fragments of ceramics was found. In the second half of the eighteenth century the fire-fighter, cultural and secular associations were established in Trnovska vas, as well as a local library and savings bank. With this a rounded whole had been created, leading in 1930s to the establishment of the Municipality of Sv. Bolfenk v Slovenskih goricah, the predecessor of the present municipality. At the time it had 1375 inhabitants and 324 houses. The municipality included villages Biš, Bišečki Vrh, Lošič, Trnovska vas and Trnovski Vrh. It spread on 2374 hectares, partly on hills and partly on the plain land of the lower Pesnica Valley. On the plain land, agriculture and cattle farming were practiced, while reed plantations dominated on the hills. The municipality had a parish, eight-year elementary school, post office, phone, telegraph, three shops, an outpatient clinic in Sv. Trojica, gendarmerie and a mill. During World War II the occupation authority preserved the municipal and parish autonomy. After the war, Trnovska vas Local People's Committee was established. In 1952 it was transformed to Trnovska vas Municipal People's Committee.