The original St. Mark's Church was built in the sixteenth century; the small church was extended in the seven teenth century and side chapels added. Until 1637 the church was a subsidiary of Saint George's Church in Ptuj, after that it was subordinated to the Church of Saint Oswald until 1789, when the St. Mark became an independent par-ish. The present building is from 1871; only the bell tower has been preserved from the earlier church. The prepa-rations for the building of the new church had been under way for a long time; on 1 April 1870 demolition of the old church began and the founda-tions for the new one were being dug. In autumn the new church was roofed, the following year the church was plas-tered and bell tower was heightened; in September 1871 the first divine ser¬vice was held in the new, not yet completely finished church. The church was built in the neo-Romanesque style, and the furnishings are of the same style. The presbytery is enclosed on three sides, and the church nave is rectangu-lar. The bell tower features a mechani-cal clock, made in Hungary in 1831, and above the clock hang four bells. The largest dates from 1895, was cast in Ljubljana, weighs 942 kilograms and has the sound F 1/8. The most famous priest in the Markovci parish was his torian Matej Slekovec, who wrote a number of historical works.

LAS4- St. Marks Church

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