Roman temples –Mithraea

Along with other Roman finds, two temples dedicated to God Mithra are of special importance. The first was dis­covered at the end of the nineteenth century and has been preserved on site, protected with a hut. The second, larger one, to be located in the vicinity, had been severely damaged and is now displayed in the Ptuj museum.

Mithraeum I

Located on a former river terrace, Wil­helm Gurlitt researched the first of Ptuj's Mithraic temples at the end of the 19th Century. The number means that this is the first ever Mithraeum discovered at the same time it is the oldest dis­covered Mithraeum, being constructed between 150 and 160 A.D. It is a small temple, consisting of three parts and dedicated to the Sun-god Mithra.

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St. Martin of Tours Church

Originally, the St. Martin of Tours Church was built along the route of the former Roman road, during the time of the Great Plague. Later it was replaced by a gothic building which was completed before 1390. The parts of this building that have been preserved are a gothic presbytery, which is today the side chapel of the new church, and the bell tower, below which there used to be a chapel. The gothic presbytery with star-ribbed vault is the oldest in Slovenia. The new church was built in the shape of a cross between 1873 and 1874.

The whole church and its furnishings display gothic style, including four side altars and the main altar, which was built according to plans by Professor Ortwein. The church has medieval fres¬cos and a star vault, whose ribs rest on corbels and on pillars reaching to the ground. They are decorated with voluminously-shaped masks, attributed to the school of Peter Parler, a sculptor from Prague. These corbel masks are priceless artworks and mark a link be-tween Hajdina and the nearby Ptujska Gora. In the presbytery there are frag ments of gothic medieval painting and a well-preserved stone tabernacle. In the graveyard chapel there are statues of Mary and John, products of the Vid Koniger workshop in Graz.

The St. Martin of Tours was at first a subsidiary of the Hoe parish. In 1597 it became an independent parish. Later separate parishes were established: Kungota formed around the Church of St. Kunigunda and Slovenja vas around the new Church of St. Mary's Ascen-sion. A part of the former territory of the Hajdina parish now belongs to the newly-established parish of the Holy Family in Kidričevo.

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