Plague Column at Drage

A column with a thick lower part serves as a foundation to a wide little house with saddle-shaped niches. It was erected in the nineteenth century. The column is located at an isolated spot in Drage, to the south of Vitomarci.

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Ice House

Near an outbuilding belonging to To family at Drbetinci 3 is a well-preserved ice house, which used to serve the needs of a former inn and is worth seeing.

St. Andraž Church

Until 1415 the area belonged to the Ptuj Archdiocese. After 1415 these settlements became a part of the St. Lawrence Parish (today Juršinci), while both belonged to the Ptuj Diocese. Its chaplaincy was mentioned in the protocol between the years 1585 and 1615. It temporarily became a parish in 1757 and permanently in 1782. In 1819 curate Franc Vrbnjak introduced a fair on the day of the parish patron saint St. Andrai, that is on 30 November. The parish chronicle also mentions a few folk missions, which were led by Jesu­its, Lazarists and Minorites from 1870 onwards.

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